Upload a document

This guide tells you how to upload general documents to the web portal. Some specific documents have an additional system you may use. If you do, they will still appear in the documents list on the documents page. These specific documents are Invoices, Service Agreements, Equipment images, and Note attachments. We recommend using those systems instead where applicable, but give you the option of storing them like other documents as per your preferences. 

First, go to the documents list page. Then click the Add Document button.

Then you can select the document you want to upload by either dragging the file into the attach document box or clicking the Attach File button and finding the file. 

Once the file has been selected, it will automatically get named if you haven't already named the fire. If you wish to name/rename an item something else, just edit Document Title* to be whatever name you want. Note that this field is required.

We recommend you tag the document appropriately so it can be found more easily later. To do this, click on the Tags field and then select whichever tags are appropriate. You can select more than one if you wish. 

You can also add a description of the document if you want a reminder, a note to go with it, or just something additional to search for later. 

Once you've filled these out, just click Save. 

This should save the document, ready to be edited or viewed at a later date. 

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