You can use First2Care to store and manage your invoices. To navigate to the invoices page navigate to the relevant plan then press the large Invoices button. Once you are on this page you will have the ability to store new invoices and to view details of previous invoices for the selected plan.

To view and edit an existing invoice find the relevant invoice on the invoices table and press the edit button.

To add a new invoice click the Add Invoice button to go to a black invoice page and then provide the following information and Save.

  • Invoice From - This drop-down list is populated with your Approved and Cancelled Payees. You will note the cancelled Payees are identified as "(Cancelled)". If you have not stored an invoice from this provider before you will need to press the 'Add Provider as Payee' button to navigate to the Payees page. After entering the payee details and pressing save you should be taken back to the invoice page.
  • Invoice Date - This date must be after the plan start date.
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Add an Item - You are able to add multiple items per invoice. This information reflects the items that you have been invoiced for. This section contains the fields:
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Support Category
    • GST
    • Payment Amount - Clicking on this field will bring up a dialogue to input the NDIS funded, and self-funded amounts for the Item Row.
  • What amount was self-funded - Uneditable
  • Total value for this invoice - Uneditable
  • GST - Uneditable
  • Approved to pay
  • Comment
  • Attach Invoice - When you press this button you will be able to upload an invoice file into the system.

Next Steps:
When you have finished managing your invoices you may want to move onto the following tasks:
Manage Your Payees
Manage your service agreements
Adding a Support Budget
Manage your goals

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