When storing your invoice details on the system or managing your service agreements you will need to provide payee information. To navigate to the Payees page navigate to the relevant plan then press the large Payees button. This will take you to a list of your payees, with a few details about them. They will have View or Edit buttons, depending on their status and your permissions. If you click the View/Edit button, you'll be taken to the Payee Details page.

Once you are on this page you will have the ability to enter your payee details. This page has fields for:

Payee Details:
Payee Name
Payee ABN
Contact Name
Email Address*

Payee's Address:

Banking Details:
Account Number

*Required Field.


To Add a Payee, instead of selecting a Payee to edit, click the Add Payee button. Then just fill in the fields and Save.

To Edit a Payee, click the Edit button on the appropriate row on the Payees table at the bottom of the page. If it has a View button instead of an Edit button, you don't have the appropriate permissions. Talk to your plan manager about who does. 


Next Steps:
When you have finished editing your goals you may want to move onto the following tasks:
Manage Your Invoices
Manage your service agreements
Adding a Support Budget
Manage your goals


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