Manage other Provider Managers

As a provider manager, you may be given the permissions to help organise other managers at your provider. If so, you can manage your provider's connection to their managers in the Provider Managers section (found at Connections > Provider Managers). The page should look something like this.

You can click Edit next to a manager to edit their permissions. You can't edit the Primary Manager's permissions, they will always have Full access. If you need a new Primary manager, you'll have to contact us and we can help you with that.  

When you click through to edit a manager connection, you'll see the connection information at the top of the page, and then a section called Permissions. 

  • The Connections and Invitations permission allows the provider manager to send invitations.
  • The Organisation Profile permission allows team members to change your organisation profile, locations, and the services you offer. 

Neither of these profiles affects a manager's permissions with participants. Those are managed elsewhere

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