Disconnect from a participant (as a manager)

You may need to disconnect from a participant you're managing. You can do this from the Participants page (Connections > Participants on the Purple Manager Menu).


On this page, you can see the participant's name, their phone number, what permissions you have for accessing them, and a contextual button to manage your connection with them. It may look something like this:

The contextual button will let you know if you're connected and what you can do to manage your connection.

  • If the button says Disconnect, you can disconnect by clicking on it, and then confirming you want to disconnect by clicking OK on the dialogue. 
  • If the button says Request Reconnect you're already disconnected.
  • If there is no button and a message says Primary Manager, you can't currently disconnect as you are their primary manager. If you need to disconnect as a Primary Manager, get in touch with us and we'll help you with this. 
  • If there's no button and a message says Reconnect Pending, you have requested a reconnection but aren't currently connected. If the participant chooses to accept your reconnect request, you can disconnect again, and this time, not request the reconnection. 
  • Finally, if there's no button and it says Permanently Disconnected, you are already disconnected. 

If you press the disconnect button you will be asked if you are sure you want to disconnect from the participant. If you hit 'OK' you will finish the process and disconnect from the participant.

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