Edit a shift

Editing a shift is a lot like creating a shift. The first step is to navigate to the schedule page. Then double-click on the shift you want to edit.

This will cause the Event dialogue (above) to appear. Then just change the details you want to be changed and hit Save to save your shift. Any changes that show in the scheduler should be reflected there.

Title: Something to help you remember what the shift is for when you see it on your schedule.

Start: The start date/time of the shift. Note that the format is dd/mm/yyyy X:XX AP. If you enter a date/time manually be very careful to get the format correct. Otherwise, you can hit the datepicker and timepicker on the right-hand side of the field to input the information.

End: The end date/time of the shift. Works like the Start field. Note that this must be after the Start. 

Repeat: A drop-down menu that lets you chose between Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. Depending on what you select more fields will appear.

 Repeat Every will show if you select anything but never. This will allow you to have your shifts every 3rd day or every 2nd week, etc.

 Repeat On will show if you select weekly, monthly or yearly. It will allow you to select when a shift should repeat. If you want to repeat a shift every Tuesday and Wednesday, select Repeat Weekly and Repeat On Tuesday, Wednesday

 End will let you select how long the shifts will repeat until. You can have them repeat indefinitely, or for a set number of occurrences, or until a specific end date. 

Description: Optional. This is a description of the shift that the worker will see.

Team Member: The team member currently assigned to a shift. This is a drop-down list, with the list of workers on your Support Staff. If you can't see the worker you want to schedule a shift for, you can either add them to your Support Staff or you can select Unconnected Team Member. 

Broadcast if vacant: If this is set to Yes then if there is no worker, your support staff will be notified of the vacancy, and they will be allowed to claim the shift. 

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