Using the Scheduler

The Scheduler is a feature available to Premium users to help manage support workers. It allows you to see upcoming shifts, set up shifts for workers, and manage existing shifts. To navigate here, select schedule from the blue Participant bar

An example schedule might look something like this:

Each shift has it's name at the top, and then below it the worker assigned to it (if any). If there is no worker it'll tell you that it's vacant, and if it is or isn't broadcast. Additionally, the shift will be coloured red for shifts that have not been broadcast, and yellow for shifts that have. Shifts assigned to a worker will be purple. 

You can double click on a shift to edit or approve it. Or you can create a shift. You can also use the control in the top right to change the view from Daily, Weekly, Monthly and an Agenda view. In the top left, you can navigate forwards/backwards, skip to a given day or jump back to today. 

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