Shared Notes

The shared notes allow participants and managers to coordinate and share resources. This can be everything from a way to ask questions about the system, to a way to upload important documents, or just keep everyone on the same page. 

The shared notes page has two main parts. On the left is the 20 categories. To keep your notes organised by page, you can move between these pages to see your notes. If you're on a page and click 'Add Note', you'll be taken right to that page's notes. Alternatively, click a category and you'll move to that category's shared notes. On the right, there is a number to show how many unread shared notes each section has. For example in the image below, there are two notes in Timesheets to above, and none in any of the other sections. Schedule has its colours inverted, so you can see that it is the currently displayed category. 

The other part of the page is the actual notes. If you select the bottom text box and type a response, and then hit Send, you'll send that note. You can also attach files, notify managers of the message via email, edit, and/or delete messages. 

As you can see here, the messages from other people are shown on the left, and your messages are shown on the right. It tracks how long ago a message was posted and who posted it.

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