Selecting a connected Participant

To access a connected participant’s profile, select the Add/Select Participant option from the top menu as shown.

This will provide you with a screen showing the images of people you’re connected with.

If you have no participants in the Select the participant to manage section, or the person you want to assist doesn't appear here, you are not connected. You need to contact them to send you an invitation for you to accept

To select the connected participant to support click on the image or the name below the image.

Note: This action will return you to the home screen for your connection and display a new menu bar with your Participant's information. This menu allows you to access all the features and functionality your Participant has subscribed to and has given you permission to access. This Participant Menu is in Blue. 

You'll always know which of your connections you are supporting by looking for their name on the left-hand side of the screen, just under the menu bar.

To access the profiles of a different participant or if the name in the top left doesn't match the one you need to manage now, you can choose a new participant in the same way as the steps in this guide have outlined.

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