Profile (Support Workers)

You can open your Profile by clicking the Profile button on the main page. To edit it, just tap the field you wish to change, put in the new information, and remember to scroll to the bottom and Save when you're done. 


Profile Picture: You can upload or take a picture for your Support Worker profile. This will be seen by participant managers and providers, so we recommend a professional and approachable photo.

Name: Your full name. 

Email: The email you would like to be contacted at for matters pertaining to First2Care.

Phone: The phone number you would like to be contacted at for matters pertaining to First2Care.

Bio: A place to put more detailed information about yourself. This will be seen by participant managers and providers.

Gender: Your gender.

Age Range: The age range you fit in. The options are < 18, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-64, and 65+.

What is your Smoking Status: Are you a smoker or a non-smoker?

Are you Pet Friendly: Yes/No.

Do you have a car that you can use for work: Yes/No.

Do you have a licence to drive a car: Yes/No.

Address, City, Country, State/Province, Post Code: We use the address to approximate how far participants are from you so they're seeing results relevant to them when they try and find support workers. It will only display the City, State and Post Code to provider managers and participant managers. 

Willing to Relocate: This setting will have us ignore your address when participant managers/providers search for Support Workers.

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