Support Budget

You can use the Support Budget to lay out the budget for your current NDIS Plan. To get to this page, first, navigate to the plan, then click on the Support Budget button. This will take you to the Support Budgets list. To access an existing Budget, click edit next to one. To create one, click Create Support Budget. This will take you to the Support Budget details page. 

To set up your support budgets select the category you have funded support for, and then selecting any items you need in the Check the items you need on the right side of the page.

Fill out the Budget Amount, Start/End Dates, and Purpose. You will find this information in your approved NDIS plan. Once you're happy with your selections, remember to Save

If there are providers of these supports in your local area you can see the matching providers (and their contact details) by clicking the Click here to view and contact link under the Matching providers in your area section. 


Next Steps:

When you are done managing your support budget you may want to move onto the following tasks
Manage Your Payees
Manage Your Invoices
Update the goals in your plan
Manage your service agreements

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