Goals (Plans)

You can use the Goals page to manage and track your NDIS and personal goals. To get to the Goals page, navigate to the relevant plan, and then from there click the Goals button. You'll see a Goals List page.

From there, you can click Add Goal or Edit a goal. Either will take you to a page that looks something like this:

To Add a Goal click on the Add Goal button on the Goals list page, and then fill in the fields and Save.

To Edit a Goal, click the Edit button on the appropriate row on the Goals List page. Then make your changes, and remember to Save. You can use this to add, edit or remove activities or tasks from a Goal

To Delete a Goal just Edit a goal, but instead of changing or saving it, click the Delete button. 


Goal Category can be Home, Daily Living, Social and Community Participation, Choice and Control, Lifelong Learning and Education, Work, Relationships and Health and wellbeing.

Describe your goal is a space to put as much information as is important about the goal. 

This is one of my NDIS goals will let you mark your NDIS goals.

The Plan, and it's Start and End Dates are prefilled to make sure you're adding details to the correct plan. 

The Start Date and End Date fields you can fill out are the dates for the Goal you're on. They have to be within the dates for the plan. 

You can also Add an activity or task to break down the completion of your goals. This will show (rounded to the closest whole percent) in the Progress column in the Goals table below.

Next Steps:

When you have finished editing your goals you may want to move onto the following tasks:
Adding a Support Budget
Manage your service agreements
Manage Your Payees
Manage Your Invoices

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