Service Agreements

To manage your Service Agreements, first, you have to navigate to whichever NDIS Plan they belong on. Then click on the Service Agreements button. This will take you to a list of your Service Agreements. For each, you will be able to see the dates and status, as well as a View or Edit button (based on status and permissions). To view one, click the View/Edit button. 

The Service Agreement page should have the Plan, Start Date, and End Date prefilled based on the NDIS Plan you're on. It should have fields for: 

  • Service Agreement With - This drop-down list is populated with your Payees. If the payee that you have a service agreement with does not appear in this list press the 'Add Provider as Payee' button to navigate to the Payees page. After entering the payee details and pressing save you should be taken back to the Service Agreements page.
  • Agreement Start Date
  • Agreement End Date
  • Value of Service Agreement
  • Description of Supports

Additionally, you should have a button to Attach Contract. These will be editable or not based on the status and permissions of the Service Agreement. 

Add a service agreement
To add a service agreement, go to the Service Agreements List page, and click Add Service Agreement. Fill in the details, and click Save.

Edit a service agreement
To edit a service agreement, first, find the one you want to edit on the Service Agreements List page. Just click Edit next to the one you wish to modify, make the changes, and Save.
Note that some will instead have a View button, this is because you can not edit expired service agreements. 

Expire a service agreement
To delete a service agreement, first Edit it, then click the Expire button. 
Note that a service agreement will self-expire on its End Date.

Activate a service agreement
You can't manually activate a service agreement. It will activate itself from Draft once you reach the Start Date for that service agreement. Once a Service Agreement is Expired it can no longer be Activated.


If you want a summary of your service agreements, you can view your service agreements with a report.

Next Steps:

Once you have finished managing your service agreements you may want to move onto the following tasks:

Manage Your Invoices
Manage Your Payees
Adding a Support Budget
Update the goals in your plan

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