NDIS Plans

You can use the First2Care site to manage your NDIS Plans if you are a paid, premium subscriber. To see your plans, select My Plans from NDIS Plans (in the blue participant menu).

When you select your plan for the first time,  you will need to create a new plan. See the bottom section of this page.

If you already have a plan, it should look something like this:

Editing my NDIS Plan

To edit your NDIS Plan, hit the Edit button on the right-hand side of the table. This will take you to a page where you can change your Plan Name, and add the Start Date, and End Date. These dates will usually be the start and end dates for your approved NDIS Plan. Remember, to Save when you're done. You can also Delete an NDIS Plan.

From here you can also set up your Service AgreementsSupport BudgetGoals, Payees, and Invoices around this plan. 

To return to the NDIS Plans page, just hit Back.

Creating an NDIS Plan
To create an NDIS Plan, click the Add a Plan link at the top of the list of your plans, fill out the Plan Name, Start Date, and End Date. Then SaveOnce you have done this, you should be taken to your plan, as if you had clicked Edit on an existing plan. 

Next Steps:
Once you have created a plan you may want to move on to the following activities:
Adding a Support Budget
Update the goals in your plan
Manage your service agreements
Manage Your Payees
Manage Your Invoices

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