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The First 2 Care site does a lot of things, and at first glance might be intimidating. Don't worry, this article is here to help you find your way around. This is for everyone, so don't be worried if you don't see some of the menus mentioned, or some of the pages.

Navigation Bar

There are two Menu Bars in First 2 Care. The top (purple) menu is the manager’s admin menu for the registered user. Below this is the (blue) Participant menu bar. In the picture above, Harry is the page manager, and Markus is the Participant.

In some cases, such as a self-managing participant, this will be the same person. The two menus allow a registered user to seamlessly support several participants or act on behalf of a Provider. Regardless, the thing to remember is that any pages that you access from the blue bar will be specific to the named Participant. 

These menus work like most computer menus, mouse over and then select which page you want to use. Additionally, there are two home buttons, one for Managers (on top in purple) and one for Participants (underneath in Blue). They'll take you to the manager homepage or participant home page for your most used actions. 

Manager Menu

The top (purple) menu shows the registered user’s profile. It is where a registered user, who may be connected with a service provider or to more than one participant, manages various features within First 2 Care.


The Participant tab allows you to choose which Participant you’re supporting if you are connected to more than one person. It is also where you can create a new participant profile in the system. 

Note: you should only create a new participant profile if the person you’re supporting isn’t able to register for First 2 Care and invite you to connect.


The Connections tab is where a provider’s manager can invite and manage connections on behalf of themselves or the organisation they are connected to. 

Note: sending an invite from the top (purple) connections tab does not connect the invited person with a participant or allow them to access any of the features in the participant’s profile. If you want to connect someone with a participant, this needs to be done from the bottom (blue) menu bar.


Only provider managers will have Services tab visible. This allows them to manage the Service Types offered by the provider and set the Locations they operate in.

Profile (manager)

The Profile tab is where you manage your personal profile. If you’re connected with a service provider, you may also be able to manage and update the Provider’s profile.

Participant Menu

Please note that this section refers to ‘participant’, but for self-managed participants, this just means you. The Participant’s (blue) menu sits directly below the managers (purple) menu. It is where all the features the participant has subscribed to can be accessed.


The Schedule tab will is where you create and publish a schedule supports directly to connected support workers via the First 2 Care workers mobile App. It is also where you approve scheduled supports that have been worked. Everything in this section requires a Premium account.


The Connections tab is where you manage the participant's invitations and connections. If you have a Premium account you can connect with support workers via the First 2 Care workers mobile App, find and recruit supports in the recruitment market, and search for providers of the support services you need in your local area to connect with.

NDIS Plans

The NDIS Plans tab lets you set up and access the Pre-Planning features in First 2 Care.  With a premium account, you can set up and track your approved NDIS Plan, including Service Agreements, Support Budgets, and Goals. 


The Profile tab is where you create and edit your Participant Profile and your Participant Match Profile which are the participant’s personal preferences to enable better matching of support workers in the recruitment market.


The Reports tab is where you access various reports provided in the First 2 Care environment. If there is a report, you would like that isn’t showing in the list please let us know.

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