Approve Shifts

After a shift, you can use this tool to record the actual start and end times of a shift, track costs against plan categories, and give feedback about the shift. Input the information, and then you can Save and Approve the shift, or just Save what you've input so far. You can also hit Back to go back without saving any information. 

Title: The title of the shift, to help you identify the shift. This will default to the existing title.

Start/End: The scheduled start and end date/times of the shift. Not editable. These will be whatever the shift was when it was scheduled.

Duration: This is a calculated field that shows the time between the Actual Start/End of the shift. This field is not editable. 

Paid Hours: This is a non-editable field used to input the paid hours for shifts. This will be calculated as being Duration minus the Unpaid hours.

Actual Start/End: The time that the Support Worker actually started and ended. These will default to the scheduled time. These will be used to calculate the duration of the shift.

Rate: The hourly rate that the Support Worker is paid. This is used to calculate the Shift Cost.

Extra Costs: A place to record any extra costs associated with the shift. This is used to help calculate the Shift Cost.

Event Type: A dropdown list that will let you select if the shift was Standard, On Call, Sleepover, Informal, or an Appointment. 

Unpaid Hours: This is an editable field that will let you put in any unpaid hours to help calculate your paid hours. 

Plan Category: Which plan category this shift is budgeted against. 


Shift Cost: A calculated field for the final shift cost. This will be equal to the Paid Hours multiplied by the Rate plus any Extra Costs

Shift Notes: A non-editable text field to record information about the shift. This will be filled out at shift creation and updated by the user after the shift.

Comments: An editable field for the manager's/participant's comments after a shift has ended. Used for feedback, remembering details about a shift, etc.

Owner: The Support Worker who did the shift. This will default to the worker who was scheduled for the shift but allows you to edit it in case of a last-minute change.

Event Cost: A calculated (non-editable) field that shows the total cost of the shift. This should be equal to Paid Hours * Rate + Extra Costs. 

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