Register as a Service Provider using First2Care

Thank you for choosing First2Care!

Registering using the First2Care website will allow you to get found quickly and easily, and help your clients and their carers to build their NDIS pre-plans and in turn, achieve their goals.

To register using your mobile device or tablet:

  • Click Register on the First2Care home screen.
  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your PhoneNumber. (This does not need to be the number of the device you are using, this is the number that is best to contact you on.)
  • Enter a Password. (The password must contain more than 5 characters and must include at least one capital, one number, and one symbol of -!@#$%^&*)
  • Re-enter your Password to confirm.
  • Familiarise yourself with the First2Care Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Check 'I agree to First2Care Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy'.
  • Click Next.

On the following screen, a number of boxes will appear. Select the fourth box which is labelled ‘Provider’



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    Judy Arthur

    Do you need to be NDIS registered to register as a service provider on first2care

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    First 2 Care Marketing

    Hi Judy, Any provider can register with First 2 Care. We'll do some background checking on the organisation who's registering before the profile will show in the App. 


    Edited by First 2 Care Marketing
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