Inviting planners (as a participant)

You can invite other people to help you manage your First 2 Care account on the Participant Invitations page. You can get to this page either by clicking the Connections button on the Participant homepage or by selecting My Invitations from the Connections menu on the blue participant header. This page lets you accept invitations as a participant, but also invite others. 

To invite someone to help manage your First2Click, just fill in the Invitation Information (Name, Email, and if you have it, a Phone number) and select your Relationship to be Planner. Then add a Message for the person you're inviting and restrict permissions (if you don't want to give them full access). Finally, Save & Send your invitation. This will send them an invitation with instructions for registering and an invitation code they can use to connect their account to yours as a planner. 



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