Manage my Service Types

Your Service Types help prospective clients find you when they search for providers in our Participant portal. The service types are categorised by Support Category and Items.

To navigate to this area press your name on the top-left of the screen and then press 'Manager Home' or 'Manager Profile' on the drop down list which appears. This should take you to a page with a purple top menu. On this purple menu press the 'Home' button on the top left.


Once you are on this page press the large icon marked 'Services'

To add a Service, select the appropriate Support Category from the drop down list and then check the services/items that you provide. The table My Service Types will display the Service Types you've entered. The table also allows you to edit Support Categories and Items when required.

To delete or edit a Support Category you've previously selected, just find it in the My Service Types table. Then click edit in the right hand column of that row. The information will be displayed in the services section above where you will be able to click the red Delete button to  remove the category or check and uncheck the items to match your support services. If you are updating your list of supports remember to click the green Save button to save your changes.


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