Invite a new Provider Manager

To invite a new Provider Manager, first navigate to the Provider Invitations page, by selecting Provider Invitations from the Connections menu on the purple header. 

From here, you just fill out the Create an Invitation section. Be careful when filling out the email, since it will send the invitation via email.

If you want your new manager to manage connections and invitations make sure to set the Connections and Invitations dropdown to indicate this. This will allow them to invite further provider managers, edit your provider profile and add service types and locations to your provider. Similarly, if you want them to manage your organisation profile and/or services, make sure to set the Organisation Profile dropdown to Full Access. This allows the team member to view and update your organisation profile, locations and the services you offer.

Your new manager will get an email with an invite code. If they already have a profile they just need to accept your invitation. Otherwise, they should register as a carer/nominee

If you've made a mistake by inviting a manager you can disconnect by managing existing invitations.

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