Manage my Service Locations

Your service locations are the list of places that you service. This is used to ensure that people looking for services can find providers of supports and services in their area.

To navigate to this area press your name on the top-left of the screen and then press 'Manager Home' or 'Manager Profile' on the drop down list which appears. This should take you to a page with a purple top menu. On this purple menu press the 'Home' button on the top left.


Once you are on this page press the large icon marked 'Locations'


To set your locations choose National or State coverage from the options provided in the Locations dropdown, or enter the name or postcode for the Region, Area, or Suburbs you service (by selecting the Location dropdown list and typing). This helps people find and connect with your organisation in First2Care's market place. You can see your existing service locations in the table beneath this. 


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